Im still here

wow daddy didnt realize that he hasnt put anything on here in such a long time but he blames grandad taylor taking ages on his website so hopefully in the new year daddy can start putting a few more stories up but currently life is just crazy busy.

Currently we have a couple of foster children living with us and have done for a while, we have a baby and a teenager so mum and dad are certainly busy and having sleepless nights and when i can i try and be there little helper, thats if i havent gone to nanny’s for the weekend so i can go and spend some time with my cousin Kian who lives over there with uncle james. Mum and dad do try and still make one on one time for me, we went to the beach the other weekend even though it was cold wet and windy and i got to play on the penny machines and win loads of rubbish and then meet up with aunite carla who brought the kids with her so we got to play for a few hours it was really nice.

Ive still been going to swiming twice a week and getting really good at it, i no longer have a floation belt or armbands im swiming un-aided and have been moved to another group now where we are practicing going underwater so hopefully i’ll be a right little mermaid in no time even though at the moment im not that keen on going under. After christmas im just going to be going once a week swimming as i have started gymnastics on a tuesday so that can be a really long day for me as i have PE in school then gymnastics after school then swiming after gymnastics and i do get really tiered so going to ditch one lesson of swimming to make it a bit better and see how i get on.