September 2014

Im so nice to mummy

2014-09-19 16.45.18 IMG-20140919-WA0001 IMG-20140919-WA0000 IMG-20140918-WA0002

Well folks ive been extremely good for mummy and ive not long got up (0650am) and to be fair thats the best i think ive slept in ages! now its time to get up and dressed and head over to auntie Amanda’s and uncle Stuarts to go and see… no its not liam its going to be my second cousin rona who i missed when i came up to visit folks in Scotland as she was away on her own little adventure and now she’s here ready to go and get her cycle on with daddy and uncle Stuart tomorrow here in Birmingham.

went over nanny and grandad owens yesterday and had fun playing on my swing they got me and and played about with Evie and tried to put a smile on nanny’s face which as you can see by the photo above is hard work these days, i think its because she must be missing seeing daddy as she hasn’t seen him all week lol but on a serious note i think its because he teeth are still hurting her, i do make her smile some of the times but cant work miracles.

right blog over with now its time to get my self sorted which means daddy needs to get off computer and mummy needs to get me dressed, im good but not that good lol xxx