Im one shattered baby

2014-08-02 13.03.58 2014-08-02 11.07.12 rocking horse 2014-08-02 11.07.39


Today started of just after 5am and mummy was hoping for a lie in but seems 5am is round about my normal time it was unlucky mum and to top it off i had my bottle and then couple hours later i had some breakfast (rusk and milk) and still didn’t want to go back to sleep, not sure why i think im just going to miss something if i do.

After daddy finally got up and we were all ready to hit the road it was over to see nanny and grandad owen as grandad came out of hospital yesterday afternoon but i couldn’t go and see him until today so while mummy and daddy hit the gym i got to spend some time with them both before heading over to see auntie chelsea as i haven’t seen her for ages which by this point ive only had a couple of power knaps in the car.

After these couple of visits it was time for some food shopping then home for my dinner, i seem to have taken a fancy to the jar of food called simply carrots and had that last night and had it again tonight and now  bathtime with mummy my last bottle of the evening and then some well deserved sleep