Im Official – Gifts – Photos

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Well today has been an eventful day and to be fair Leah has been awake for more than she normally is which is good as she has been able to take in alot more. First trip of the day was into Dudley council to get her registered so she is officially known as

Leah Marie Taylor!

Next trip then was a quick stop off at the delivery office to get a package  from her great aunt and uncle which as well as containing some gifts for Leah also contained an old monkey teddy which i used to have every time i visited them in Elgin so  that was a very nice surprise .

Next was down to Merry Hill to meet up with nanny and granddad Broadfield to spend the last day with them before they head back to France in the morning so Leah managed to get her last few cuddles in for a while with them but im sure they will be back very soon. After Merry Hill it was home time ready for the mid-wife coming at 2pm and she was very pleased with how she was doing, Leah may have lost a little weight like all new borns do but she is back up to 7lbs 10.5 oz so she’s doing really well. After having half hour we set off and had a walk over to uncle stuarts to let Leah take more of the world in and had some amazing pics with her cousin Liam.


IMG-20140415-WA0035 2014-04-15 16.19.34IMG-20140415-WA0002