Im a star!

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Today i got to spend some time with Jade as her mum had to goto work so when she finally turned up we had to head out and go and view a house as mummy and daddy would like to buy a house at some point so we can all settle down and i can grow up in an area that im going to be going to school, although they cant get a house just yet it doesnt stop them looking so off to tipton we went and the house was amazing, a bit of a dream viewing a 4 bed new build house but was still nice. after house viewing it was over to tesco to do the weekly shop and jade got to put her L plates on and push me around tesco in the pram while daddy pushed the trolly and mummy grabed the food, really good team effort and as always i got the hardest job of lying back sleeping! go me!!

After tesco it was back home and daddy and jade decided it would be funny to make a video star video of me and disturb my sleep but hopefully when im big enough to understand i will look back at it and find it funny as well but i wasnt really impressed at the time.  later that afternoon Paula came to pick up jade and spent some time with us and got to have cuddles of her and it was her birthday as well so what better present to have than cuddles of me. after they went the evening seem to go really quickly, i had sleeps and cuddles with mum on sofa and daddy watch the new Robocop film.