Im a Big Girl

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Its been a mad few days having uncle dean and his daughter emily down but always great to see him and things have been busy for daddy just trying to spend time with dean that he hasn’t done my blog but seems i got him up at really early this morning he has no excuse to do it.

I’ve finally got my own high chair now which makes breakfast and dinner so much easier for me and mummy as i can get in a bit of a mess but generally getting used to something different apart from milk so big thanks to uncle dean who bought me my chair, he always likes to buy me something when he comes down which he shouldn’t but is always nice. we’ve been to a few places shopping just to get out and about and we was going to go swimming yesterday but the pool closed early and uncle dean had to get back home before 3pm so couldn’t go for the afternoon session so looks like i’ll have to stick to my usual sunday swim.

Health wise im doing good these days and nothing much to report unlike grandma broadfield in france who went back into hospital bless her, i wish i was there but not long left until we do and that should give her something to look forward to but until then get well soon grandma xxxx

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