Hunting the Gruffalo

Last week / last weekend i had a good couple of days, one with just me and mummy and because i loved the day so much we thought daddy might like to come gruffalo hunting with us.

Me and mummy first went to a place we had been before but due to the time of year the gruffalo trail wasn’t ready but this time we were all set with mummy’s phone and the game was on to spot the characters from the story and with the phone pointed at certain parts of the trail the section of forest comes to life and a character will pop out and you can have your photo taken with them.

As time went on i started to get annoyed with having my photo taken but made it all the way round and at the end of the trail there was a nice park for me to play on however due to it being the summer holidays there were a few to many kids there and after a couple of times being pushed it was time to hit the road and find another park on the way back and mummy had a great idea to pop in a see some people who had a park that was all nice and quiet and i ended up having it all to myself 🙂

On sunday mummy and daddy were both off and this time we were hitting to road to near Nanny and grandad broadfields area, cannock chase where there was more gruffalo to be found and pretty much the same as Wyre Forest the first place me and mummy went but this place was even bigger. Me and dad hunted around the place on our walk for the characters and had our photo taken while mum stayed behind the camera as she had been working the night before but even so it was nice to have our little family adventure and on both these days it didnt take much rocking for me to goto sleep

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