Its been crazy weather lately and things have been fab as ive just been splashing around like crazy! daddy kick started things off with not 1 but 2 pools on saturday daddys friend wayne and his daughter came over so we pretty much spent the whole day out side and i was cream crackered by the end of it.

Sunday was of course daddys day and also grandad taylors birthday so of course i had to send him a little message and then we also went over to see nanny and grandad owen and then some shopping and of course a couple of hours back in the pool but daddy had taken the big pool down so only had my pool which was still big enough for me and daddy.

monday came and off to school i went and then it was back over to nanny and grandad owens house for a sleep over as mum and dad had work in the night/morning but i love it over there and loved it even better with grandad owens massive pool which of course i spent the afternoon in there, if this weather continues i could end up swimming by the end of the week lol