Hoping for a better day

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Yesterday was a bad day for me and all i wanted was cuddles from mummy.The day started off early for me at 0430am and i just couldn’t  settle at all, for the major part of the day all i would do is sleep on and off and scream and cry and for the brief moments i was ok mummy managed to get a few snaps in but im going to have an off day now and then.

We spent the first half of yesterday having a duvet day with dad and then in the afternoon me and mummy just cuddled up on the sofa, i was even still unsettled when dad came back from work at 10pm and at one point mummy thought she was in for a long night with me but eventually i went to sleep and i suppose with the lateness of me going to bed i woke up at 6am but this morning i seem a whole lot better but its still only the start of the day so i thought i’d help dad with this mornings blog before we all head out for the day. Lets hope i do have a better day today