holding in there

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Trying to hold in there the last few days as i haven’t been well and on top of teething as well i think i have been doing well up until yesterday so daddy called the docs and off we went and they said i have upper respiratory infection or at least the last of it hopefully so all we can do is ride it out and if things get any worse over the weekend they have given me a prescription for some anti biotics so lets see how we go.

On a more brighter note Nanny broadfield has come to visit for a little while so we have been out and about most days in between me trying to sleep what ever it is off. Got myself a new pink table and chair now for me to start sitting on and eat my food which is surprisingly going well.

Now for the weekend and auntie amanda’s and uncle stuart’s after party with lots of people going im sure to have some great pics this weekend if all goes well