June 2016

Helping out


The weather has been nice and hot and mum and dad have started to give me some extra room in the back garden which mean a complete overhaul and lots of work for dad especially and even managed to enlist the help of good old grandad owen as well so i tried a bit of digging and the shovel was way to big and hard to control and then i moved onto helping with wood later on in the day by picking up little logs and taking them to the van.

Prior to the big overhaul over last weekend dad went and bought a massive pool and we spent a good couple of hours each day in there just chilling and splashing and just spending some quality time just me and dad, i even got me a rubber ring which is exactly the same as Ooo Ooo the monkey from Raa Raa the nosiy lion how cool is that!!! and we get to do some more daddy daughter time over fathers day weekend as well, not sure what hes got planned but what better way to spend the majority of it than just me and dad as mum will be sleeping mostly from working nights that weekend.

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