Heating up already

Things have definitely been heating up here lately in sunny UK which is good as im slowly getting used to this nice weather just in time for things to get even hotter in Las Vegas 🙂 dad and I have been counting the days down till we get on the aeroplane and mum has even bought me a Trunkie suit case for me to take on board for all my things and it looks like a cow, how cool!

Its been hard going sleeping the last few nights and probably like most folk i’ve been going to bed with nothing on which helps me sooooo much and although i do normally sleep till 7am some mornings have been difficult with the sun blaring through so i just put my TV on and chill in my bedroom until my clock shows Mr.Sun and then i can go wake mummy or daddy or nanny up depending on where i am but by that point ive already tried on a few dresses and most of the time im wearing one when i wake someone up.

Had a fab weekend just gone with my usual routine of not only stopping at Nanny Bobble-heads house (Kirsties Mum) i got to stay over at Nanny Gwendoline and Gordon’s house which i love as they both have big gardens for me to play in and at nanny bobble-heads house i get to feed the fishes that grandad mickey has and one of them is mine as well. On Sunday as the weather was nice me and mummy and uncle James and his Girlfriend Meg went to Sandwell Valley Park which has lots of animals and a park there and i even got to feed a lamb as im getting braver doing these kind of things and after there we went back to bobbleheads house where my friend Keeley was there  and then we ended up at another park.