Hay its may!


Not long now and that all important day will be here soon and its going to be all go trying to get everything ready and sorted and making sure there is nothing missed as its going to be a truly amazing day, yep that’s right you’ve guessed it CHRISTMAS!!! ha ha

My birthday has been and gone and so has the rest of april and each day im getting more and more personality, not that i didn’t have any to start with of course and i haven’t even been that ill either this month apart from some teething problems i reckon i’ve done good this month. The sun has been out more and the nights are getting longer which makes it hard to sleep properly some nights but good old daddy sorted me out with a pink blackout blind which helps but i still have the odd night where i really don’t wanna goto bed until its dark and of course im shattered but fair play to mummy she has been sticking to her guns and making sure im going to bed at my normal time and 90% of the time im staying there.

Me and mum have been having some real quality time lately when daddy goes to work and we normally have a little stroll around the block most days and making sure we send daddy some pictures while he’s at work. Food wise its depends what mood im in and how my teeth are doing that day but i reckon on wednesday when i get weighed i’ve put some weight on and not lost any, fingers crossed!

Oh and as its the beginning of the month daddy is on the ball and has uploaded april’s photos