Haste Ye Back


Quick visit to scotland done and dusted with and what a journey it was, just short or 1,500 miles in 5 nights which is pretty crazy car traveling but luckily enough for me i had the best deal and managed to sleep quite alot of the way as daddy traveled the longest parts of it through the nights which bless him took his toll on him but it was all for a good cause and my great nanna taylor was amazing!

We traveled wednesday night and i slept all the way until 0530 am with 100 miles left to go on the clock but only woke up as dad thought it would be good for me to stretch my legs but soon went back to sleep for the last part of it. we then spent a couple of days visiting nanny and grandad taylor and some of daddys friends and also finally met up with cousin liam who i was missing like crazy so we got to go and play at a soft play center where he looked after me sooo sooo much and we both had a fab time.

Saturday we then hit the road further up north to get ready for great nanna taylors 90th birthday party where i got to meet loads of my great cousins and aunts and uncles who i will no doubt forget by the next time i see them but even so at least i can say we all partied hard and had an amazing time. come sunday it was time to go and see how many more people we could squeeze in before hitting the road back down south with more one stop off and that was to Elgin to see a few more relations oh and a couple of little puppys lol.

Dad and mum then shared the drive back home whilst i stuck my head back and slept as much as i could before finally getting back to see my NANNY GEORGINA! & UNCLE MICKEY!!! it was really nice having a few days away but boy is it good to be back in my own bed xx

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