Leah pumkin2

Gooooood morning guys and girls its apparently that spooky time of the year that one day i’ll get to go trick or treating and enjoy lots of sweeties but for now i just get put in a silly orange dress and try and look cute which in all fairness i think ive managed to pull of quite nicely .

Mummy is back in for her last keeping in touch day at work but don’t worry folks she hasn’t left me home alone with daddy again as nanny wanted to see me before we goto wales tomorrow so she stayed the night last night and you can kind of say that ive been left with a responsible adult but daddy would just laugh at that lol.

Poor daddy has just spent the last 3 days doing 13hr shifts at work so i haven’t had much time to see him apart from having a couple minutes on skype to him, but today he has decided not to do any overtime as we are going to go ¬†out and about so he can get a few things done and then we head off to nanny owens house to drop her home and i’ll stay with her and grandad while daddy goes to work. we’re off to wales for a few days tomorrow and we’ll be back monday so there might not be any blogs until monday night or tuesday morning but we might take some instagram pictures as we’re going to see auntie carla and uncle shayne and the gang and then over to stay at daddy’s friends ben and beth.

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