November 2014

Had a good few days

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Last few days have been really good and everything seems to be back on track, im sleeping better and have even slept a couple of mornings till 6am or there about so mummy is very happy and just in general i seem to be back to my normal self, teeth are still giving me problems but that’s to be expected but all in all things are good.

Im growing up really quickly these days and now i can crawl forward there’s no stopping me and boy do i like to get in places i shouldn’t and im definitely keeping folks on there toes, mummy and daddy have bought a stair gate for me so i don’t fall down the stairs when im exploring around upstairs and a couple of items have had to be moved of the ground so i dont mess with them as much as mum and dad were trying not to move things they have ended up doing it.

I haven’t been properly to have my weight checked in a while as mum and dad were going to start taking me monthly but then i had a trip to the hospital a couple of weeks back where they weighed me there so it kind of messed that idea up so mummy and daddy are going to take me tomorrow to see exactly how much i have put on.

Food is back on the menu for me and i seem to be doing ok with it at the moment and have only had one bad bit of sick, fingers crossed we’re on the up and up now instead of 1 baby step forward and 3 baby steps back.