Growing up loads


I think mummy and daddy are slowly starting to realize that im no sweet little baby anymore, dont get me wrong i am still sweet when i want to be but baby i am not! i try most days to help out where i can and help out where they dont need me to, access to the fridge is getting easier and easier until they get rid of the under counter one and then im screwed but generally im becoming my own little girl now.

Me and mum and nanny now and then attempt to make cakes and i like to do my part to help which is mostly annoying the other person whilst trying to eat the icing and then continue to make a mess back throughout the house while they clean up, WINNER!!

Mum and dad have had a slight change in bedtime tactics, normally they take it in turns putting me to bed and we watch half hour of something in there bed and then i goto my bed and get a bed time story before 80% of the time i go straight to sleep x

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