Grandma no no’s Birthday


Today is Grandma no no’s birthday and she is over from France and gets to spend it with little young me! what more can anyone want and fingers crossed im in a good mood for her today but in all fairness since she and grandad broadfield have been over ive done good, the only time ive got cranky is when i have been tired and that’s just normal.

Grandma no no doesn’t like having many photos taken so the once i do have with her makes them even more special and although we skype each other nearly every day it was still soooooo nice to see her and it was smiles all round when i walked through the door of there hotel where they’re staying and by the evening i was curled up on her lap just like i used to 7 months ago.

Im going to have to make the most of the time ive got with her as they got back wednesday and think she might slightly find it hard but no matter if she is in france or not i love her to the moon and back xxxxxxxx HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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