May 2014

Got my meds!

2014-05-02 20.40.31 IMG-20140502-WA0002 IMG-20140502-WA0001


Today mummy had to wait in to speak to the doctor so Nanny owen came round as it was friday and  thats normally our day/night to be spent together and also auntie Amanda brought Liam round and put my transfer stickers on the wall in my bedroom. after waiting ages my medicine was finally ready to be picked up at the doctors so auntie Amanda took me  and while we were there we found out that i wasn’t lactose intolerant so that good news all round, guess i just got reflux then.

when we got back me nanny and mummy went up to Brierley Hill to get nanny some peanut bars as daddy keeps eating them and some other bits and bobs then we decided to return the visit and pop in and see Amanda and Liam on the way back. Later that night daddy came and had something to eat but had to go back to work in a few hours so he went  and had some  sleep and nanny bathed me.