Goodbye Callum Hello nanny

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It was time this weekend to see cousin callum go home after being up here for 2 weeks and me getting to see him almost every day which was nice having someone to play with in the mornings but as they say all good things must come to and end and off to Wales we went first thing saturday morning and this time it was just me and daddy who went to take cousin callum home as poor mummy had been working all night and we thought it would be nice for her to have a quiet day where she could sleep and not be disturbed by me going crazy downstairs.

While we were down in sunny wales we decided to check out the local park as i am a bit of a park conosur and in all fairness it was great even though i did face plant the wood chippings but as im hard core i didn’t even cry which daddy was shocked about. after visiting the park and spending some time at auntie carla’s it was time to hit the open road back home to go and see mummy and give her huggs seem as though i haven’t seen her for what feels like forever to me, im used to her getting me up every morning and feeding me my breakfast but this weekend it been a proper daddy daughter weekend.

Sunday we decided to plan a surprise and shock nanny and grandad by popping over there house, its been ages since i have been over there properly apart from me and mum stopping outside to pick nanny up so we parked the car at the bottom of the street and i sneaked in through the back gate and surprised grandad owen, i was like a baby ninja lol

Daddy has upload photos from July now as well, bit later than normal but he’s been busy bless him