Good Times

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Its been a crazy few days and even got to see this person who claims to be my auntie charly but i aint seen her for that long i forgot who she was, bit of a strange one to be fair lol

Ive had a good couple of nights where ive slept in till after 7am which mummy and daddy were very very happy with but then killed it one night getting up before 2am and not going back to sleep so mum wasnt my friend that night but i dont blame her. Daddy finaly stuck a picture of my ark work i did last friday at play group and this friday all i did was cuddle into mummy, before play group however i got to get some play time in over at uncle stuarts with cousin liam and got to ride on his thomas train with him pushing me around bless him and daddy should stick a little video on as well of him doing that.

Off to do a bit of christmas shopping with mum and dad and nanny so best go and get mummy to dress me.