Good family weekend

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Only a few days left of 2014 and so far its been a fab first festive season!

Boxing day was mostly spent as a double daddy day with me and daddy and uncle stuart and cousin liam setting off down the shops for a couple of hours while mummy was in work and auntie amanda was doing her thing which im not sure what that was but it was time for the dad’s to give the mums a break and spend some quality time with the kids and fair play they were good and we didnt end up in any pubs either.

Friday was ment to be the day before the welsh tribe headed over the mountains to the midlands but whilst watching the news uncle stuart pointed out that there was a good chance we could be hit with snow and for the first time since ive been born i was actually going to have snow on christmas and that prompted the welsh tribe (auntie carla and co) to hit the roads sooner and then whilst over nanny and grandad owens house in a blink of an eye there it was, full fledged snow falling so we made a mad dash back home and waited for auntie carla and co to arrive but it ended up being way past my bed time and i had to wait until the morning before i graced them with my beauty and smiles.

Spent most of saturday with them and even had a little mini party over at uncle stuarts and auntie amanda where all the kids had a play and we ate lots of party food including me such as pizza and egg sandwiches before setting off home to bed ready to see everyone before they set off home today.