Good couple of sleeps

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In the last 3 days ive had 2 really good sleeps, going to bed at about 8-8:15pm and thursday i got up about 0630am and this morning was 0615am which to date has been the best 2 out of 3 nights sleeps since ive been born just not sure how long this will last but we can only wait and see.

Thursday daddy decided to take a day off from the gym and from cycling and got me up in the morning and we all just spent a chilled out day together as a family before he went off to work then it was just me and mummy so had a really nice day chilling and falling asleep in my doughnut.

Friday i had a fab afternoon over nanny and grandad owens where i was just in laughter for most of the afternoon, my grandad cracks me up, nanny got a video and daddy has put it up for me where grandad is just been really silly but i cant help but keep laughing. Well got me my first kids party to goto today which is my second cousins ruby so best go put my glad rags on and get ready for it xxx