September 2017

Good and Bad

Since last week its been half and half, mummy and daddy decided to try a couple of new foods and as a reward if i get 5 stickers in the blue circles then i will get the cry baby doll which is what i have wanted for ages so saturday was the first day we started and a hot dog was first up and after a little bit of crying and moaning i ate it and off we went to the shops and bought some smiley stickers and that was one down and 4 to go.

Next on sunday we went for mash potato, you would think that i eat chips and i eat smily faces that i would eat mash potato? ohhhh no!!! me and daddy had world war 3 and i wasn’t wanting to swallow it causing myself to be sick so the whole thing came to an end and since then there has been no more new food.

On the side of Big nursery and crying last week i have done really well and been really good going to school and actually eating my lunch although its normally cheese spread sandwiches or dunkers i still have been eating them and no crying when i have been dropped off so things are looking up on that front and we even had school photos done the other day so dont worry folks dad will send copies to people 🙂