Going Live in 5,4,3…

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Its finally nice to have Leah back to her normal non-cranky baby self to a certain degree, she’s finally got over what ever it was she had and the 12 week jab ordeal and the last few nights she’s been sleeping until 5am to 5:15am which is really good for her so things are finally looking up and kirstie doesn’t look like a zombie no more.

The weekend has been full of the usual things like water babies, Nanny night and eventually managed to take Leah round briefly to Stuart and Amanda’s due to Liam and her both not being well and not wanting to play pass the parcel with the germs. Apart from that not much else to say but what me and Kirstie have noticed is that she doesn’t want to sleep for long periods of time during the day hence why come 6-7pm at night so is cranky, she’ll sleep for 10 mins here and there but apart from that it looks like she doesn’t want to miss anything bless her.

I’ve finally put the web cam back on and all being well she is usually down between 9-10pm each night and normally up around 4-5am, anyone who hasn’t got access can contact me and i will sort you out with login details to view the live feed.