Going back to my roots


Its been a while since ive gone back to the first playground i used to play in and seems the weather yesterday was nice and daddy, uncle stuart and cousin liam was off it was the perfect day to go down.  We was going to go swimming again but liam wasnt that well so it was decided that we go out and enjoy the sun even though it was a tad cold it was still nice to get out and about and go back to the park.

the start of the day i went round and spent a couple of hours over liams house so we had each other to play with and then i needed a little nap and some food and so did liam, the rest of the week i have just enjoyed spending loads of time with daddy and mum keeps saying that im going to find it hard when he finally goes back to work but for now its nice just to have dad home and happy.

Off  over nanny and grandad owens this saturday night so mum and dad can have a break from me and enjoy some adult time although i have been good almost the last few days and ive even still been sleeping in till 0730am which is still really good.

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