Glad the weekend is over

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Things wasn’t looking too good for me this weekend after a bad night Friday night getting up at 2am and not sounding too good so mummy came and got me and after being sick a couple of times and just generally not right  i finally went back to sleep curled up with mum on the sofa just before 6am and then was up an hour later so spent the rest of Saturday trying to catch up on sleep.

After a rough Friday night Saturday night with nanny staying over didn’t go much better for her and me as it kinda went the same way and on top of trying to stay asleep, generally not being right i had loads of fireworks to contend with as well so i guess come Sunday night i was shattered and trying my hardest to still be happy smiley baby but the grumpiness was taking over slowly but on the plus side i actually stayed in my cot till 7am this morning, i did cry twice though the night but nothing for mummy or daddy to be worried about and i went right back off. I have got doctors appointment this morning but not just because of over the weekend but i have to go for an ultrasound on the 24th but mummy is wanting to see if it can be brought forward, I wont go into to much detail but fingers crossed everything is ok.