Getting a right little chubba now


2014-07-04 09.50.16 2014-07-04 09.31.08 2014-07-04 09.30.01

It was weigh-in day for me yesterday and the results are in! on the 19th June i weighed 10lbs 11ozs and 2 week on im now weighing 11lbs 11ozs and slowly going along on the growth chart nicely.

I’ve woke up today and had morning smile with daddy and at the moment seem to be ok but there is still so much of the day to go, i haven’t been very photogenic the last couple of days as all ive done is scream alot so mummy hasn’t had the chance to take much pictures of me, i even went to nanny owens yesterday so mummy could get some sleep but all she could hear was me screaming down stairs so managed to get about an hours sleep but i did sleep about 10pm till 4am last night so things do seem to be back on the up for me. Got waterbabies tomorrow which i seem to love so lets see how we get on with today and hopefully im back to my normal baby like self