Getting a big girl now

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Sorry guys for no blogs the last couple of days but daddy has been training hard ready for his bike ride with uncle stuart and second cousin rona and hasn’t had enough time to type my blogs up on my behalf.

Monday i was up at 0330am as i haven’t been sleeping well with my bad tummy due to not pooping properly so mummy managed to get me booked in to see the doctor (god that place is like my second home) and now im on movicol to help me out a bit and it has started to work a treat straight away as come tuesday i slept in till 0530am and had a nice surprise, instead of mummy waking me up daddy decided to try and give the early morning session a go and let mummy sleep in longer so daddy got to have all the smiles and did really well looking after me and feeding me and then after about an hour of being up it was ready for me to fall back to sleep again so me and daddy curled up on the sofa ¬†and fell asleep together.

later on once we were all up and ready to face the day we headed over to nanny owens so mummy and daddy could hit the gym and finally to my surprise i got to see nanny broadfield as she is finally out of the hospital in france and slowly on the mend which is always good, i was almost about to pack my bags and head over there but realized i cant walk so have to wait a little longer before i start diapering on my own and its not long now until we go over there and i’ll be surprised if nanny broadfield lets me go.

Today i started the day again at 0530am (my normal time) so things must be on the mend for me and later on after daddy finally got back we headed of to get me weighed, last time i weighed 13lbs 0.5oz and now im starting to eat breakfast and tea ive shot up to a nice 14lbs 3.5ozs so im definitely not a starved baby. after weighing mummy and daddy took me down to the shops to get some new shoes and boy do they look good on me lol, then rushed back as i had baby massage with mummy at the center round the corner which was short and sweet but still good and then nanny owen and grandad came over to see me and mummy and nanny got to bath me and put me to bed which kinda confused me as it aint saturday night yet but is always nice to see them both.



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