Get well soon grandad

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The last couple of days have all been NHS related starting off with me on monday to get checked out by the doc to see why my poop has gone stiffer as one minute it was sickness and diarrhea and the next its stiffed my poo up but the doctor has no concern for me what so ever and said to see how things go over the next couple of weeks, as always im very happy and smiley as she has seen on many occasions, after the docs on monday it was over to see grandad owen and nanny as grandad was going to go into hospital Tuesday so i wanted to give him lots of cuddles before he went in as im not sure when he is going to come out.

Tuesday was the big day for grandad owen going in for his operation so mummy went with him while i stayed with nanny and daddy untill daddy went to work and now im almost 4 months its time for me to start having some kinda normal food and on today’s menu was rusks which im really liking as it gives me something else to chew on apart from my fist. Ive been realy enjoying spending time and seeing nanny everyday so far for days now, she getting to be like my bestest friend, we always have lots of fun together and i know she is going to miss grandad while he’s in hospital but at she got me to give her smiles which should help things, ┬áReally hope grandad is ok and cant wait to see him soon x

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