Get there in the end

did it

Its about time but January 2016 has brought good news to mum and dad as mum took me with nanny owen to go and get weighed yesterday and BOOM!!!! smashed the 9kg mark after waiting all this time and going up and down like a yo yo I finally did it which now to date im the heaviest i have been and for me that’s great news all round and hopefully the start of more weight to come which we all know it will but having such a roller-coaster of a ride with my weight at the last 12 months things are starting to look good.

Its almost day 5 of no dummy and in all fairness i have been much better without it, dont know what all the fuss was about lol, im still teething but with some bonjella and calpol and teething powder im good to go although being put to sleep and staying asleep is still a major problem which mum and dad are trying to nip in the butt, like today for instance they thought they would see how i got on without a knap all day and goto bed at 6am for my 10-12hrs of sleep and poor nanny owen had the afternoon shift while mum slept from nights and dad was at work but truth be told i was good as gold for nanny and we had a blast with laughter galore and soft play and bath time its just been one hell of a good afternoon and it wasn’t until 4.30pm ish before i started getting tiered but stuck it till 6pm and even then when i went to bed i kicked up a fuss for an hour but mum ¬†sticks to her¬†guns and i get there eventually

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