Game over

Its a shame but things have late have been hard for me especially through the night but to have lasted this long has been really really good and everyone is proud of me but last night was my first accident in ages since being nappy free which in all fairness has been almost 5 weeks now but this cough has been knocking me about something silly. Been to the doctors a few times and i now have an asthma pump befor i goto bed and when i wake up just to help open my lungs up a bit which seems to be doing the trick and the last few nights have been alot better than the start of the week so who knows how long i will need that for but everything has just been knocking me about for six so maybe me just having a good nights sleep and kinda forgetting myself might have done it who knows.

havent had nursery this week which is probably a good thing what with me having this cough but at the same time ive got to spend more time with nanny and grandad broadfield before they head back home for a little while so having some quality time with them has been fab!