Fun with James

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Had a good day yesterday playing and getting out and about, first stop was off to the doctors just to get checked out about this cough i have but the doc said im all good and nothing for mummy to worry about so while we were up near daddy’s friends shells mummy decided we should pop in and see her and her son james and we had lots of fun playing on the floor and with a couple of new toys mummy bought me.

Later that afternoon i had a really long nap which isnt like me but had about 1.5hr and mummy was not used to me sleeping this long but after not having my morning nap and all the playing around i done i was quite shattered. Sleep is still going good and mummy isnt letting up on keeping me in this routine, i did try and push my luck monday night and tried pulling the cot bumpers off but mum unfortunately stuck to her guns and eventually i slept through the majority of the ┬ánight and last night i slept all the way through till 0545am. not long now till we’re off to wales for the weekend and we get to have lots of fireworks but this means that daddy is doing some extra hours ┬áin work to make up for the money he’s going to spend and has spent on fireworks.