Fun with Family

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Its been a good few days over the weekend starting with spending quality time over at my second home (nanny and grandads owens) all day Friday while mummy went back to work for her keeping in touch days and daddy had to do more overtime to pay for his new coffee machine. Saturday mummy and daddy dropped me back off at nanny and grandads as normally grandad owen doesn’t get to spend much time with me on a weekend so im going to try and spend more time with him during the day and then nanny is still going to come and stay with us for our nanny night.

Sunday it was time to drop nanny back of and head on over to the market for some bargain priced meat and then to go and spend some time with my cousin Liam and auntie  Amanda and uncle Stuart as i havent had chance to see auntie Amanda since her birthday so i thought i better go round and give her some of my special huggs and smiles.

Not sure what i have planned for this week but i know i need to go and get weighed as mummy and daddy forgot to take me last week but daddy was working anyway so will let you guys know what my weights are when i get them.