Fun, Rain and Sun


Its the final couple few days before me, mum and dad and nanny owen hit the road early friday morning to bristol airport ready for our flight over to hopefully sunny and warmer weather in France to go and see nanny and grandad broadfield. Weather has been hit and miss here and on days we have had some sun its been great playing in the back garden although its not finished yet i do get shouted at quite regularly for being on the non grassed area as at one point i liked to roll my ball down the slide and it would roll across the non grassed area so i would have to go and get it then mum moved my slide so now i just think what the hell  and just throw it onto it now which i think dad is getting rather annoyed at but hey i want my garden to play in!

had another ace night over nanny and grandad owens house but in theory it just mainly ended  up just being me and nan as grandad was really really shattered and ended up going to sleeps for like forever so didnt get to see much of him and me and nan had a blast instead, its gonna be ace spending a whole week with both nanny’s and also see grandad broadfield as i havent seen him in ages then i think the next holiday will be scotland unless dad decides on anything else.

For the first time in ages me mum and dad did a family outing and yes it was all about me lol as we went to an under 5’s event at this big massive park where they had lots of things just for people around my age which was really cool. There was a sand pit, bouncy castles, activity tents that had colouring and fancy dress and there was out door games and animals with a police car i got to sit in and there was some other stuff there which i didnt get to do but it was cool to goto and lucky for us by the time we got home it started to rain so looks like we made it just in time.

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