fun in the sun time

The weather has finally started to change and that means more outdoor time for me and to makes things even better we now have artificial grass out in our back garden and it looks amazing and i love it!!! after coming back from the fair with nanny and grandad owen they took me out the back to show me the grass being put down and once it was finished all i wanted to do was run round and round in circles and get as many toys out as i could 🙂

before watching the grass being put down i was with nanny and grandad and they took me to a fair which had loads of rides and inflatable things for me to go and and nanny and grandad owen was surprised as to how little fear i had, i was just like a kid in a candy shop and went crazy for anything i could get on including giant inflatable slides and the big wheel and the spinning cups and rides it was just an amazing then to come home and have grass as well just topped the day off.

couple of days later we now have chairs to sit on out the back and also during the week ive had a couple of picnics, one with just me and mummy on our new grass and another over nanny and grandad owens house with mummy and other people so all in all this week has been pretty good apart from the fact im not 100% again with a runny nose and high temperature and a cough ive just been quite a grizzly child but onward and upwards as im of to the caravan this weekend 🙂