June 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun


As im getting older now im having alot more fun with causing distruction around most places that i go, be it daddy’s friends house or nanny and grandad owens house and just generally on a daily basis i enjoy trashing my house seems dad aint got much to do at the moment and im sure mum enjoys clearing up after me and i guess dad as well on a regular basis lol.

Is it wrong that i know what toys r us is? its always good going in there and im slowly trying to work my magic on someone to buy me a remote control car that i can sit in after nanny and grandad let me go in one down there caravan so when i goto the toy shop now i head straight for them and dont tend to be in a happy mood when i leave there, hopefully when daddy gets a new job he will buy me one?

Mum and dad have also had to try and avoid taking me in one side of the shopping center as there is a soft play center in there which is never good when i cant go in one so instead we end up with the free one which has a couple of little tiny soft slides and things to play with unless its a special day out to my favourite place ‘Funky Monkeys’ which dad came with us last time we went as he doesnt normally come with him being in work and in there was a toaster that makes a pop up noise which nanny bought me as it was only ¬£3, my battering of the eye lids works every ¬†time.

Bed times is even better at the moment as i even have paw patrol on my bed now, special one which has Skye and Everest on there so not only do i have a bigger room to play in i have pink paw patrol bedding #ACE!


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