Fun Family Friends

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Had a nice surprise this weekend as auntie Carla came up with a couple of my cousins so managed to spend a little bit of time with them before they went home today and with mum not working all over the weekend ive seen a little bit more of her as well but i still likes to go out and about with daddy, we always go for our daily walk around the block most days on the hunt for animals which are normally cats but the other day i jumped 6ft in the air ¬†when we walked past someone’s house and 2 little dogs came barking at the gate which i was not expecting at all.

Daddy also took me to the park today where i first started climbing as i haven’t been there for a while now mummy doesn’t work right round the corner from there and me and dad had a right blast, its amazing how i can never get tired of playing there, dad said he wishes he had some polish though to buff the slides up with like he does to mine at home.

Off to Kinver possibly tomorrow for the monday bank holiday to hopefully meet up with mummy and daddy’s friends shell and gareth and there boy James who i have been playing with today on the trampoline, he’s sooo funny bless him xx