Forgot About My Weight

leahs weight1-2

went and had my weight done before the weekend and forgot to post the results, another good month again with a nice increase of 0.29kg so finally things are going up nicely but for how long we don’t know especially with me and my weight although with 33 days in USA soon im sure my weight will continue to rise and it will be nice to see whats its like and how much ive put on as mummy and daddy will try and get me weighed the day before i go and then hopefully the day after i get back but it all depends on how busy things is when we come home.

Dad has got a few extra days off from work at the moment and he isn’t sure when he is going back to work so i am just enjoying having some great time with him, we went out on Sunday to his friends house and they had this really friendly cat that didn’t run away from me and we just both sat by the patio doors just looking out together whilst i gave him a cuddle. We also went on Friday to the swimming pool just me and daddy and uncle Stuart and cousin Liam and it was probably one of the best times swimming ive had for a long time, there was a little slide in the pool which i went on and there was waves that took me and daddy around and around and then to top it all off there was a massive flume that me and daddy went on as well and that was just the best bit so hopefully we can go again but the only down side is i get really cold and my lips start going blue after a while but that didnt stop me having fun although dad had to call time on everything as he couldn’t stand seeing me shake any longer xxx

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