Fisrt Night at Nannys

Friday night was my first night stay at nanny and grandad broadfield’s house since they have got there bungalow back here in the UK so mum and dad were hoping that i would be on my best behavior for them and guess what i was and loved staying over there.

Mum took me over to there house to spend some time with them and as soon as i got there i asked mummy where my suitcase was and when she told me i said “ok bye mum” lol mummy of course wanted to stay for a little bit but i had no intentions of going back home. When it came to bed time i was sleeping in with nanny and grandad and i went straight to sleep only waking up once which these days is good although i was wide awake at 5am and as saturday went on even with a little power knap i was cranky as hell and didnt take me much rocking when i went to my own bed last night.

Sleeping for me lately has been a hard one, not only for the light mornings but just because im waking up a few times through the night just for either no reason or because ive lost one of my teddies but despite waking up through the night i still regardless am getting up between 5am and 6am regardless of how crap my night sleep has been so mum and dad are going to need to look into this further as i need my sleep.