First sleepover at nanny and grandads

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Had a nice couple of days this week, went shopping with just the girls which was me, mummy, nanny owen and my auntie charlie (second cousin really)but she calls me her niece lol and we had a fab afternoon as i haven’t seen me auntie charlie in ages and she bought me a lovely outfit.

On top of shopping there has been a few other things going on, ive had nanny and grandad broadfield buy me a new pram over in France and other bits and pieces ready for my first flight in a few months over there and now my passport has turned up this week daddy can get booking our next holiday.

Yesterday was a double celebration of both my amazing mummy’s birthday and granny taylor’s birthday and im hoping they both had a wonderful day, unfortunately we couldn’t goto Scotland again so soon after our last vis it and spend the day with granny taylor but im sure grandad taylor made sure she had a fab day. Daddy unfortunately had to goto work 2pm till10pm so managed to spend most of the day with me and mummy¬†and tonight i get to go and spend my first night over nanny & grandad owens house, i may not be the same baby when i get back lol ( i love them both really) its going to be hard for mummy because daddy said she cant come and see me after he takes her home on way back from work till sunday but she needs a break from me and she deserves it i loves her soooooooooo much and daddy is going to set the web cam up she can still see me from a distance.

Last but not least my poor cousin liam has been a true star this week after being very poorly and ending up in hospital and i think he added a few grey hairs to auntie amanda’s hair, uncle stuart is bold almost so we wouldn’t notice them on his head but bless my little cousin he’s come through the other side alot better now and is home where he belongs but no more trips to hospital please liam lol

Gotta go now pepper pig is on!