First Road Trip to wales

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Today’s the day i got to goto Wales for the first time and get to meet some more Family and friends. First stop of the day was the long awaited visit and the main reason for coming was to see my auntie Carla and soon to be officially my uncle Shayne, we set off at around about 7am and on route to the motorway had to drop nanny owen off as she looked after me last night and we got down to wales after meeting uncle Stuart and auntie Amanda on the services half way down around 10am.

After Lots of cuddles and breakfast all around me, mummy and daddy, uncle Stuart and auntie Amanda and cousin Callum ¬†went to visit great auntie louis and great uncle Peter as they to haven’t had chance to see me and soon they will be moving to Devon so before they go i had to get my cuddles from them. after a couple of hours there it was time to head to Barry and let Daddy have a drink with his best friend Ben who hadn’t seen me either . We managed to goto the pub and have a couple of drinks and then head back home for more at his house where i had cuddles from Ben’s daughter Nevaeh before settling down for the night ready for the big wedding tomorrow afternoon.