First Parents Evening


Another week done and dusted and even had my first parents evening this week which daddy didnt think he was going to make it but someone must have been watching over him as he made it to my nursery slightly late but got there all the same. Nanny went with mummy and they went and seen Jane who is the main teacher at my nursery and although they dont normally have favorites im hers and she loves me lol, Jane said that when i learn to spell and write my name that im at the age of a 3 year old and i know all my animals and my colours and shapes and numbers although i still seem to miss 5 sometimes im pretty dam good at it and Jane is happy with my progress.

Mum and dad asked about sticking me for a whole day once or twice a week to see how i get on, since ive been to nursery ive come along lots and lots and mummy and daddy think that a day or two at school will be good for me.

Ive been cracking down on this potty training and all week ive gone to school in my uniform and come home in it and have had no accidents, when a girl needs to go this girl gets gone and its potty all the way, still havent got the nights down but one step at a time but for now im doing really really really well and everyone all round is pleased with me 🙂 🙂

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