First of 2019


Dad has finally had 5 mins to sit and type up whats been going on in the world of leah 🙂

Christams is in the distance now and what a christmas it was, for those who havent seen my yearly christmas video that dad did then it should be at the bottom of the email. What the video doesnt really show you is that when i first came down the stairs and probably most of the morning untill i had my quad was in the back of my head i was thinking “where is my quad?” and if you watch the video with that in mind you can get a better idea of whats was going though my head.

For a big part of last year i was getting fed up with my little scooter and kept saying to mum and dad i want something faster and something that can go on the grass and i can chase the dog around so when i finally did get my quad i was over the moon and even though i was up coughing at 3am we managed to get through everything and was out before the sun all suited and booted ready to go.

Before i broke up from school i did get to go and have a little whisper in santas ear about what i wanted, if you havent seen the picture and it doesnt show on the email then head over to my instagram section, i do look cute if i do say so myself and then to finish a good year off at school i had an award for 100% attendance so i couldnt of asked for a better ending to the year.

2019… well here we are and its getting ever closer to my big birthday where i will be 5 years old WOW! i have asked mum and dad for a massive playhouse out the back garden so fingers crossed dad can pull that off with the help i would imagine from Grandad mickey.

School is getting better and better for me, i can now take 25p in to school every day and have toast and this week has seen the start of me trying school dinners and for those who knows how much of a fussy eater i am thats a massive step for me, i tried a fish finger with some chips, a ham sandwich, and had pizza on friday so its small steps but big steps at the same time.

Dad has still been helping out grandad taylor on his website so my site has been put on the back burner a little but dad does try to post a picture up on instagram every now and then even if you dont get an email have a look xxx