First Blog of 2015

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First blog from me of 2015 and ive been getting stuck right into the new year, starting with a good old healthy trip to Mc Donalds but unfortunately that was more for mummy and daddys benefit so i just got to enjoy a straw to play with and a bit of muffin to chomp on before heading over to Nanny and grandad owens house to say happy new year to them while mummy went to work.

Later that evening┬áme and cousin liam tried┬áto beat daddy up over uncle staurt and auntie amandas house, its a good he wasnt hung over, i can just imagine what me and liam are going to be like when we’re in Cyprus. Then over the next couple of days ive been bopping along to Meghan Trainor’s song All About The Bass perfecting my moves in front of the TV, between that song and Taylor Swift – Shake it Off they have to be my favorite songs at the moment with out a doubt and even if im sleeping and i hear them BOOOOM im awake! think daddy took a couple of videos showing how fixed i get on the TV when they come on.