First 2 nights without mummy & daddy

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Im finally back home after spending my first 2 nights away from mummy and daddy and its been fab spending some quality time with nanny and grandad owen although i think grandad had a culture shock listening to me make my weird and wonderful noises through the night so its safe to say that he didnt get much sleep but he still loves me, as for nanny she’s used to me and knew what she was letting her self in for.

Grandad turned the internet off on friday night which really didnt help mummy and by the time she had noticed the web cam was down it was to late to call nanny and grandad to find out what the problem was even though nanny said in the morning we could have mummy didnt take much rocking to get to sleep so the world carried on with no web cam and deep down mummy knew that i was in safe hands.

Saturday was ment to be waterbabies as we only have or should i say had 2 sessions left and they decided to cancel it due to low chlorine levels in the pool and nanny was so looking forward to putting on her swim suit lol, hopefully i will get to do my last class next week then mummy and daddy are going to sign up at the local sports center and i can have more swimming a week and nanny will definitely have to dust of her suit then as we can all go in the pool. instead of waterbabies nanny and grandad decided to take a trip to stourport as its been a while since i was up there and got to see sharron and paul so we had a lovely afternoon before heading back ready for bed time  were grandad turned the web cam off again before he went to bed but daddy rang him this time and it should have come back on.

Today was time to come home and see mummy and daddy and hopefully mummy had a lovely night out being as it was her birthday night out and her first decent night out in a while so hopefully daddy treated her right and she enjoyed the evening. this afternoon we also went down to an event that was being hosted by one of mummy and daddys friends so luckily enough the weather sorted it self out and was a really good afternoon out, now its back to my usual routine and my cot and back where i belong but a massive thank you to my nanny and grandad for looking after me i loves you both lots and lots xxxxx

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