Finding my Feet

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Tuesday seemed to be an ok day but still had a bit of a temp but nothing to much for mummy and daddy to be majorly concerned about, i went over nanny and grandad owens and played with my uncle james as well then me and mummy came home and it was the usual dinner, bath and bed which nanny did.

After sleeping in tuesday morning till 6am mummy thought my normal routine was back in play but guess i had different ideas as wednesday morning it was 0330am i was bright eyed ready for the world where mum on the other hand really wasnt to impressed but soldiered on she did. After spending the first part of the day with daddy the second part of the day me and mummy faced the world and headed over to a friends house where i spent the time entertained by her son and playing on some baby toys she had there then as soon as the rain finally stopped me and mum made a dash back so so she could get me settled for the evening but didnt actually goto bed until 2110pm as i was really wired and just playing crazy on mummy and daddys bed.

Today i was up at 0515am which isnt that bad but i still feel cranky and its looking like my gums/ teeth are really irritating me so who know how long this will go on for but i am slowly starting to find my feet quite literally and starting to turn myself around at times slowly but surely, watch out guys i’ll be bum shuffling before you know it!

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