Final home visit from Health visitor

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Ive been moaning and groaning for a while lately so off to the doctors we went as i needed more gaviscon to help with my reflux and while we were there mummy and daddy spoke to the doc about my symptoms and also my poo had turned a green shade of colour, doctor said it sounds like i definitely ¬†have colic¬†and that’s why ive been keeping mum up alot and there aint much they can do about it as it should go away after about 12weeks. after doctors we went and got my prescription and then daddy had to goto work so me and mummy stayed home today and health visitor came and said that she no longer needs to do home visits and we can go see her at a childrens center, i now weigh 8lbs 11oz’s and im 21inches long apart from that i was just wide awake today!