Final Festive Blog 2015

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Daddy has brought the stair gate back from nanny owens and its now back on the top of the stairs so they are now going to leave my door open a jar and see what happens, as much as i can go up and down the stairs they dont think its a good idea when im half asleep and lights are off, ive also got a Gro Clock to help with knowing when to get up so that should be fun.

Christmas this year was really special as last year nanny and grandad broadfield watched me open my presents via the aid of Skype but this year after much debate they decided to stay for christmas and as soon as i was awake and eating my toast they headed straight over here before i got my presents open and got to see me go mad all morning opening them and not knowing what to do and boy did we all have fun. A couple of hours later nanny and grandad owen turned up and i was still going nuts and they got to share in the festive madness before having to go home and get dinner ready for us while i have a knap before heading to theres in the afternoon, it was however hard work trying to get some sleep and managed about an hour so then it was time to head over to nannys.

Once arriving at nanny and grandad owens there was loads more presents to open and not much room to play in as the dinner table was there but thats ok as i managed to make great use out of it and still managed to open presents and play before chowing down for some christmas dinner, once that was out the was it was all go back to playing and unwrapping more presents which was turning into and all day mission and by the end of the day still didnt manage to open all of them but i got 90% done which was pretty good.

Over the next couple of days it was time to start enjoying playing with my toys and even spending a day over at nanny and grandad owens house on the sunday after having a right nice play with my bezzie elly over at auntie chels and auntie charlies on top of spending most of the weekend (apart from sunday) with dad its been a good christmas this year and i have certainly been more aware of whats going on, who knows maybe next year i might have a picture taken with the big man him self father christmas as before christmas day i ran a mile lol. Thank you to everyone for my gifts and making my second christmas so special xxxx