June 2014

Final Blog of June


Wasn’t going to post anymore this month but ive had a rough night and i think ive caught poor liams cold. Mummy tried putting me down a few times last night at my usual time around 2030-2100hrs and all i did was scream straight after she left the room, after about 3 or 4 attempts and some calpol i finally went to sleep for a few hours about 10pm but only lasted until midnight where i just woke up screaming the house down. my temperature was high but knowing that cousin liam has just had it then mummy knew she was just going to be in for a rough few days and nights, seems like its just something that’s bouncing around at the moment and to top it off i have my 12 week jabs on wednesday as long as i can shift this cold or what ever it is, mummy has to speak to health visitor today and she what she says about everything as mummy has been told not to take her for her jabs if she im┬ástill i’ll. will keep you posted on how im doing